How it works

  • I always knew I had a gift but wasn’t aware of how beautiful it was until I started guiding family and friends after entering a psychic circle. Reading for people soon became a daily thing for me with many people coming back for follow up readings when I appeared to get things right. I would pick up on information I could not have known and predicted things that came true mostly to total strangers.
  • All I need is your name, date of birth and question/s. I usually like to reply within 48 hours but it can be quicker or a little longer.
  • Once you have sent your questions, I tune into you and use cards and my spirit guides to show me the answer to your question. I then type these on a word document and send them to you. I can also record this for you and send it to you as a voicemail/mp3 file so you can listen to it (you can choose)
  • I have clients all over the world and I am so pleased to have guided many through difficult times, shown people their true potential in career and healed hearts that have been broken.
  • I want you to enjoy your reading and feel happier having had one. I do not believe in giving bad news and I certainly don’t tell you what to do.
  • The more concise your questions are the easier it is for me to answer. I do not need to know everything that has happened unless you feel the need to include this.


Click on PRICES tab, select your reading, click on the PAYPAL button and confirm your details.

Please note that I can read into most situations but I will let you know if I cannot answer your question. I prefer not to read on terminal health but I can give guidance on inner healing.

*Remember that psychic readings are for you to be able to see down the road, in the future so that if you do not like what you see, you can change it. Thats the point. Nothing is set in stone. Psychics do not have all the answers but we are able to see some of what is in front of you. I will NOT tell you what to do but I can see the choices ahead which may help you to choose. Ultimately I want you to enjoy your reading, leaving it feeing happier and with more direction.

Uk legal laws state that psychics must list their services as for entertainment purposes only however please let me assure you I am a qualified psychic and my readings are purely channelled. This is not an automated service.